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A city of contrasts

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After a very rough passage (monsoon rains + big waves = seasickness) on the China Sea from the Philippines, we were grateful to sail into Hong Kong. Skyscrapers surround the harbor on both the island of Hong Kong and on the mainland of Kowloon. These tall buildings are crowned with name of banks and corporations that make Hong Kong the thriving business capital that it is. Other skyscrapers provide apartments for the 7 million people that live and work here; occasional floors have no walls so that the wind can blow through the buildings instead of making them sway. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Our guide, Shermone, along with her husband, 2 children, her grandmother, and a domestic helper occupy a 600 square floor apartment. The domestic helper sleeps on the floor next to the children's’ bunk beds.

Honk Kong is a city of great contrasts; communism and free enterprise, ancient traditions and the latest technologies and fashions exist side by side. Pedestrians in business suits talking into cell phones pass by incense filled temples where chickens are slaughtered during worship. Huge street markets selling everything from canaries to corn, Nike sneakers to netsuke figurines operate in the shadow of hundred story high corporate towers.

There was great anxiety about what would happen when, after 150 years as a British Crown Colony, the city was returned to the communist government of mainland China. Fifteen years later those fears have proved to be misplaced. It would be hard to imagine a city that is better run and whose people have more energy and hope for the future.

What do you think makes a city a great place to live? What do you think would improve life in Hartford?HK by night

HK by night

From the Peak

From the Peak

Chi Lin Nunnery

Chi Lin Nunnery

Temple worship

Temple worship

Temple of Absolute Perfection

Temple of Absolute Perfection

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Hello Mother and Father Eakins,

We're sorry you were feeling unwell due to the monsoon conditions at sea! We were amazed learning about the city of Hong Kong -- from the amount of people that live there to the way the culture values aspects tradition and modernity. As a class, we discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in a city. For the most part, we concluded that it's convenient because you have a lot of access to different people, as well as basic needs such as grocery stores and shops. On the other hand, having a lot of people around can be too much -- we were amazed at how tight a space your tour guide's family lived in! We then brainstormed a list of things we wish to be improved in Hartford:
-crime/people doing bad things
-feeling safe
-having spring come earlier so we can have recess outdoors again

Here are some specific comments that students came up with when working on the lesson activity:

Bryan: "comment: cool you went to hong kong. question: when are you coming back? monsoons are sea and land breezes over a large region that change directions over seasons."

Avante: "Question: Do yo think that the countries are better than cities why?

Comment: Could we do any thing for you because you sent us those clips thanks so much you made my day!"

We hope you have another great week of travels!

TEDS History class

by TEDS History

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